Dagger Alchemy 14 Foot Kayak


Dagger Alchemy 14 Foot Kayak

This is an awesome kayak. It's a 2010, and was only used a few times last summer. I HATE TO SELL IT!!!!!!! My loss can be your gain. Read the information  I have attached. It's a great boat. I have set a reserve for this boat but it's very reasonable. Bid high and bid fast and you'll be loving life in this boat! Btw, the boat is darker blue than the pictures. Alchemy

The stylish Alchemy touring crossover series hits the water running, packed with performance capabilities for both flat and moving water. Featuring the stability that’s suitable for new paddlers, but with performance edging and turning capabilities ready for advanced skill levels. With enough storage and speed for an extended weekend excursion, it’s time to grab your gear and get moving. Now with added control and durability for your trip from the redesigned TruTrak Skeg System. 

Alchemy Design StatementJoint designer statement from the Dagger Design Team on the Dagger Alchemy 

Bob McDonough, Mark Robertson and Evan Solida 

For the Alchemy 14.0, we set out to create a boat that has excellent speed in a 14-foot length, while maintaining a high level of maneuverability. The Alchemy is a solid choice for inland touring on flat water and slow moving rivers, as well as coastal rock hopping and surf conditions. It is versatile enough for both entry-level enthusiasts and advanced paddlers, though it will be most appreciated by athletic and adventurous users at any level. 


We drew upon a number of performance attributes from whitewater boat design. The pronounced hull chine assists dramatically in enhancing the boat’s maneuverability and agility. The boat’s secondary stability gives confidence to perform dramatic edged turns. 

A height adjustable drop skeg gives the boat competence in all weather conditions, as well as improving directional tracking for increased straight line speed. For its relatively short length, the Alchemy strikes a harmonious balance between speed and maneuverability and is well suited for calm to challenging water. 

Ergonomic and outfitting considerations also draw upon whitewater knowledge to enhance the boat’s performance. The multi-adjustable hip pads, thigh braces, backrest and height adjustable leg lifter assist in maintaining comfort and control. The aesthetics are inspired from the striking shapes of modern day jets, which give the boat a poised and purposeful look. 

The Alchemy 14.0 is the result of extensive testing by the Dagger design team. We hope you enjoy it!

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