Nigel Denis (ndk / Skuk)  Romany S Rm Kayak


Nigel Denis (ndk / Skuk)  Romany S Rm Kayak

For Sale is a Nigel Denis Romany S RM kayak.I am listing this for my less tech savvy neighbor who asked for my help.
Kayak is in good used condition with some slight wear.  Foam pad on back of seat has a small tear.

The kayak has been designed to fit a range of kayakers from approx 5ft
4inch to

6ft 4inches tall.
The kayak has plenty of room for large feet and a low back deck to facilitate
an easy layback rol. The seat can be raised for the smaller paddler. The kayak has
a ridge along the front deck and hull to help stiffen the kayak. The kayak has
twenty one recessed deck fittings to allow a choice of storage locations for
split paddles (Spare paddles) etc.

The kayak has a Keyhole cockpit.

The kayak has
fairly boxy rails offering good initial and secondary stability. A flattish
hull promoting better surfing characteristics, this also helps in a following
sea. Kayaks in both specification come with three hatches to include a day
hatch just behind the paddler, footrests, wire Kari-Tek skeg system with the
slide control for the skeg at seam level, back rest, deck lines, compass recess
and toggles. With the fiberglass cockpit rim a cheaper nylon spray deck can be

I will field any questions you might have for him, Thanks!

Manufacturer = SKUK (formerly NDK)Model = Romany S RM
Type = Touring
Material = Plastic
Length =16' 1"
Width = 21"